In the Community

IN the CommunitY

Selamedical UK Ltd is always looking to identify some of the key social issues and try to integrate this via our employees volunteering and charitable giving. Employees are encouraged to get involved in supporting their local community, either on an individual basis or as a team. During COVID this has not been easy. Recently we have become a corporate member of some important social and environmental charities.

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Headway Corporate Membership

Selamedical UK Ltd is proud to be a Corporate member of Headway – the brain injury association. As a medical device distributor in the neuro setting, our team witness first-hand the effects of brain injury in the NHS. Headway is committed to helping brain injury survivors and their families receive the care and information they so vitally need following such a traumatic event in their lives. Headway relies on donations and memberships to provide this vital service, so please donate or join this amazing organisation.

Corporate Member 2021

Eden Reforestation Projects Corporate Member

Selamedical UK Ltd is proud to be a Corporate member of Eden Reforestation Projects. Their objectives are to globally restore native forests, provide food for villagers, shelter for wildlife, shade, medicines, soil regeneration and climate regulation through a village-wide tree-planting program and raising local people and communities out of extreme poverty.
Young plant in hands isolated on white