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Neuro Radiology Division


For over 40 years BALT has led the way in the treatment of neurovascular diseases.

The BALT portfolio offers a complete solution for the treatment of aneurysms, arterial venous malformations and ischemic stroke. 

The BALT products are specifically dedicated to this field of medicine, using the highest standards of medical device engineering dedicated to manufacturing both niche products as well products with exclusive features unmatched by any other on the market. 

Cerus Endovascular is a privately owned medical device company based in Fremont, California and Oxford, United Kingdom.

Focusing on dedicated Neurovascular products used by Interventional Neuroradiologists for the treatment of haemorrhagic strokes. Cerus have developed a portfolio of highly unique intra-saccular, high value and clinically differentiated treatment technologies for a wide range of complex aneurysms.

A list of alphabetised products, each has its own dedicated page:

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